RVS Master 2T50cc

RVS Master 2T50cc
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RVS Master™ 2-stroke Engine Treatment is specifically formulated for use in engines where the motor oil is pre-mixed with the fuel. It creates an integrated new Nano-Ceramic layer onto all metal parts that are under friction inside your engine. Cylinder walls are thus restored and compression levels return to factory-spec.

The new Ceramic layer which now coats the cylinder walls and other moving parts has superior properties - it has a friction coefficient many times lower than that of Iron, and higher thermal resistance. As a result there is less wear and internal heat produced, aiding in keeping the engine cool and running optimally. Fuel economy is also increased (5-10% avg.) and because of the lower internal friction, emissions are reduced.

This product is ideal for use in any 2-stroke engine, from Motorcycles & Scooters to lawn care equipment. For Chainsaws, please see our special Master™ Chainsaw Treatment.

In most cases, a single treatment is enough to last the lifespan of the equipment being treated.

Main Effects:

  • Efficiency encrease
  • Fuel economy 5-15%
  • Noise, vibration and heating decreased
  • Increased compression in cylinders

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