RVS Master Ga4

RVS Master Ga4
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RVS Master™ Gasoline Engine Treatment produces and integrates a new Nano-Ceramic surface layer onto all metal parts that are under friction inside your engine. Cylinder walls are thus restored, crankshaft bearings are protected from wear, and so are all other moving parts in contact - camshafts, rocker arms, and valves.

The new Ceramic surface has superior properties - it has a friction coefficient many times lower than that of Iron. As a result friction inside your engine is reduced, fuel economy is improved (5-10% on avg.) and emissions drop significantly. Ultimately, your engine's life is extended because there is now less wear and heat - its worst enemies.

The benefits of RVS Master™ treatment don't stop there: compression and oil pressure are restored to near factory-spec, thus increasing power. The engine becomes quieter and runs with fewer vibrations. In many cases, lifter-tick is reduced or completely disappears.

It is not necessary to treat your engine at every oil change. A single treatment is enough for every 60,000km / 40,000 miles of driving.

Main Effects:

  • Fuel economy 5-15%
  • CO/HC emission decrease 50-70%
  • Engine power increases
  • Increased compression in cylinders

For maximum effect please refer to user manual that recommends two sequential treatments.

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