FuelEXx Diesel

FuelEXx Diesel
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FuelExx for diesel engines reduces fuel consumption (about 10%).

The reduction is achieved by increasing the efficiency of fuel combustion, reducing heat loss and recovering the oxygen sensor functionality. The percentage of efficiency depends on the fuel type, fuel system technical condition, operating conditions and external factors. FuelEXx for Diesel Engines is a fuel combustion catalyst which directly influences the combustion process for the fuel mixture.

This allows the optimisation of fuel combustion at non-optimal condition (at low temperature of air, fuel, injector wear or contamination, the use of low-quality fuel, etc.).RVS- Master™ FuelEXx gradually cleans fuel tanks, combustion chamber, injectors, etcetera during normal vehicle operation. RVS-Master™ FuelEXx dissolves almost instantly with no residue in any liquid fuel if added to the fuel tank before filling it with fuel.]

Main effects:

  • Increased cetane number (5 - 7 units)
  • Increased power (about 10%)
  • Reduced fuel consumption (about 10%)
  • Reduced CO, CH, NOx emissions (25% - 50%)

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