RVS Master Di6

RVS Master Di6
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Modern diesel engines are subjected to immense internal pressures and wear, and 20-25% of the power produced is wasted to internal friction. We have addressed this issue by specifically formulating our RVS Master™ Diesel Engine Treatment using a more concentrated formula. A new Nano-Ceramic surface layer is created on all metal parts under friction inside your engine. This Ceramic layer has superior physical properties: a low friction coefficient and higher thermal resistance.

As a result friction inside your engine is reduced, fuel economy is improved (5-10% on avg.) and there is a profound drop in emissions. Cylinder walls are restored, crankshaft bearings are protected from wear, and so are all other moving parts in contact - camshafts, rocker arms, and valves. Compression and oil pressure are restored to near factory-spec, thus increasing power and efficiency. The engine becomes quieter, runs with fewer vibrations, and its life is significantly extended.

RVS Master™ Diesel Engine Treatment is ideal for use in commercial fleets since it provides significant savings in fuel that are much greater than the cost of our product.

It is not necessary to treat your engine at every oil change. A single treatment is enough for every 60,000km / 40,000miles or ~1500hrs of operating time.

Main Effects:

  • Fuel economy 5-15%
  • CO/HC emission decrease 50-70%
  • Engine power increases
  • Increased compression in cylinders

For maximum effect please refer to user manual that recommends two sequential treatments.

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