RVS Master Manual Transmission Treatment up to 5L

RVS Master Manual Transmission Treatment up to 5L
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RVS Master™ Transmission & Differential Treatment produces a new metal ceramic surface structure on gear teeth, bearings and other moving metal parts under constant friction. As a result the geometries of gear teeth and bearing surfaces are restored and shifting becomes smoother; vibration and noise levels are also reduced. In automatic transmissions, the oil pump's efficiency is boosted and oil pressure is restored to near factory spec.

The RVS Master™ treatment increases the life of your transmission or differential and is especially useful in cases where the vehicle is used for towing and is being subjected to high loads. Our product has also proven quite successful in reducing grinding noises from old and worn differentials of RWD & AWD vehicles.

It is not necessary to treat your transmission at every oil flush. Only one treatment is needed for every 60,000km / 40,000miles of driving.

Main Effects:

  • Reduced noise level and vibration
  • Improved gear shifting
  • Increased transmission gears lifetime

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