RVS Master Gun

RVS Master Gun
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RVS Master™ Gun Treatment is a revolutionary new product that will significantly improve the accuracy, durability and longevity of your firearm. The high amounts of heat and friction generated when firearms are fired create ideal conditions for RVS to work, making especially effective.

RVS Master™ will form a new “slippery” nano-ceramic surface inside your weapon’s barrel, significantly reducing friction and heat. The result: increased range, improved accuracy, extended rapid-fire capability, less heat. Corrosion is also reduced – ceramic doesn’t rust! In addition, when RVS Master™ Gun Treatment is applied to the receiver, it will coat all metal parts inside, making the gun's overall mechanism smoother and less likely to jam.

One RVS Master™ Gun Treatment is enough to treat between 2-4 handguns, depending on how worn they may be, or two rifle barrels. One treatment will typically last around 1000 shots. Follow with another RVS treatment in order to extend your firearm's life.

Main effects:

  • Reduced friction and heat
  • Improved range and accuracy

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